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About Us

Our Mission
We provide a wide array of bookkeeping services so that you can move forward with your business operations. We come along side you in your business journey, and we hold structure, excellence and organization as a top priority.  We pay careful attention to detail, maintaining an attentive and professional attitude, while also being a personable and enjoyable team to work with.

How can we help? You give us what you have, and we fix it for you, so you can feel relieved knowing your financials are in good hands.

Our History
Chris and Melissa Collings began Journey Bookkeeping with the questions, “How do we create a business that helps people and can be offered in a unique way?”, “What can we offer that is viewed as a benefit to society?”, and “How do we deliver this service on an ongoing basis so that it is profitable for all parties involved?”

Journey Bookkeeping Family
The family behind Journey Bookkeeping

They had many years of experience with buying, building, and selling businesses, and they were very familiar with the financial process. As small business owners, they understood how important it was to keep finances in order; if a business isn’t maintained as a well-oiled machine, it can get rusty and start falling apart. They worked hard to gain a solid understanding of how businesses are run, how they are successful, and even how they can fail.

When it was time for a change, Chris and Melissa decided that a bookkeeping business would be perfect. Melissa, an MIT graduate, is passionate about numbers, and her professional, attention-detailed and personable nature seemed to point her in that direction.  To enhance her experience as a bookkeeper, she took a bookkeeping position with Casa Bella Architects  in Austin, Texas where she learned the ins and outs of bookkeeping, and after 2 years of experience with this firm, she began Journey Bookkeeping, taking on her first client in 2010. 

Chris and Melissa knew they wanted a family-oriented business that would allow them the flexibility to grow and also raise a family. Now, after nearly 3 years of building Journey Bookkeeping, they happily balance their family life with 2 daughters, and their professional life with a growing number of clients each month. They are extremely skilled in their profession, and their happy clients speak volumes.

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Our Team
(More info about Our Team coming soon).